Burger Dreams

"Burger Dreams" was created as a Digital Effects Group Project by Selcuk Ergen, Muhittin Bilginer and Erik Louis Tvedt at Bournemouth University in 2007.

2007 m A

One of the adventures of the cruel, dangerous and mocking flies which live in a two-dimensional world inside the wall. They sometimes have to pass to the three-dimensional world because of “external factors”.


Project Type: Group Project - NCCA

Directors: Selçuk Ergen, Muhittin Bilginer, Erik Louis Tvedt
Story: Muhittin Bilginer
Sound Design: Brett Bunting

Duration: 2' 20''
Camera: Panasonic SDX-900 [DVCPRO]
Stills: Sony DSC-R1 / Nikon D80
Filming Locations: Bournemouth, UK

Houdini 8.2 [3D]
Shake [2D Compositing]
3D Equalizer [Matchmove]
Photoshop [Texture Work]

Fly Design: Erik Louis Tvedt, Selçuk Ergen, Muhittin Bilginer
Fly Modelling / Animation: Erik Louis Tvedt
Effects Animation TDs Selçuk Ergen, Muhittin Bilginer
Flock / Swarm TDs Muhittin Bilginer, Selçuk Ergen
Digital Set Extension Selçuk Ergen
Compositing: Selçuk Ergen, Erik Louis Tvedt, Muhittin Bilginer
3D Camera Matchmoving: Muhittin Bilginer
Rotoscoping / 2D Tracking : Selçuk Ergen
Production : Muhittin Bilginer, Selçuk Ergen, Erik Louis Tvedt
Cameras : Muhittin Bilginer, Erik Louis Tvedt
Editing : Erik Louis Tvedt, Selçuk Ergen, Muhittin Bilginer
Colour Correction : Erik Louis Tvedt, Selçuk Ergen
Animatic: Muhittin Bilginer
Storyboard: Erik Louis Tvedt

Foley Artist: Erik Louis Tvedt
The Burger Eater: Kaan Basekioglu
The Boy On Foot: Jamie Mitchell

2008 !f Istanbul International Independent Film Festival (Turkey)
2008 Resfest (Turkey)
2008 10th New York Turkish Film Festival (USA) (3-11 October)
2008 Kino Xenix (Switzerland)
2008 SideFX - Houdini Gallery

Resfest 2008

If Istanbul 2008

New York Turkish Film Festival 2008




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