Avengers : Age of Ultron

I was the Lead Effects Technical Director on Avengers:Age of Ultron for Framestore's shots

Iron Man 3

I was Lead Effects Technical Director on Iron Man 3 for Framestore... I was mainly focused on leading the "Extremis" effect...

Guardians Of The Galaxy

I worked as a senior Effects Technical Director on Guardians Of The Galaxy...

Wrath of the Titans

Senior Effects Technical Director : Smashing Trees (Fracture and Smash), Roots and Tree Modelling with L-Systems and simulating them. Mud Modelling and simulation. General FX RnD. Falling and Fracturing Stones for the Labyrinth sequence. etc etc... Bottom Line : Painful but Fun times :)

Bournemouth University – NCCA – Houdini Master Class

I gave a Houdini Master Class to MA Digital Effects Master Students of Bournemouth University. It was great to be back in NCCA after 4 years. I really enjoyed it !